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Taming Stiff Knees: From Sitting to Standing

Do your knees ache and feel stiff after sitting for a while? Struggling to stand up without discomfort? For those dealing with knee worries, everyday tasks such as getting out of bed, sitting in the car, enduring a flight, or even working at a desk become daunting due to the pain and tenderness associated with stiff or swollen knees.

Unlocking Knee Stiffness: A Closer Look

When you sit for extended periods, your knees might complain in different ways. Let's break down the common issues and find solutions that fit your lifestyle.

1. The Kneecap Dilemma:

- Feeling pressure under the kneecap after sitting?

- Experience a crunching or grinding sensation when standing?

A Quick and Simple Solution: Avoid keeping your knees bent at 90 degrees for too long. Straighten them periodically, or give a gentle wiggle. Learn to stretch your hamstring muscles for long-term relief.

2. The Turning Point:

- Sitting with your knees close together as on a plane.

- Struggling to stand up with a sense of weakness in your legs?

A Quick and Simple Solution: Sit on the edge of your seat and straighten one leg in front of you. Lean down and touch your toes.

3. Calf and Hamstring Woes:

- Feel like your legs are not fully underneath you when you stand?

- Dealing with tight calf muscles and pronation?

A Quick and Simple Solution: Stretch those calf muscles while sitting, and gently move your ankles. Don't let your knees knock inward when standing; it impacts your arches.

4. Dealing with Swelling:

- Notice stiffness, puffiness, or a heavy feeling in your knees?

- Do you have rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis?

A Quick and Simple Solution: Synovial fluid helps to lubricate the knee joint. Sitting still for long periods of time causes the fluid to stagnate. Gently moving the knee joint through full range of motion can help to relieve the stiffness around the knee.

Your Journey to Freedom

Take action now! Long term desk, movie and car sitting can have you feeling like you need an oil can to lubricate your knee joint. There are quick solutions that can make a difference. Join me on Facebook, I am hosting a live series on reducing joint stiffness. Be ready to stretch and exercise your way to joint mobility. The series starts on the 24th of January 2024, so tune in and discover how to bid farewell to knee discomfort for good.

Your pain-free journey starts with a click. Register below!

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