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Tool, Tips & Tricks to Reduce Knee Pain In Just

  • 10Days
  • 25Steps
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Oh, you're in for a treat! My exceptional 10-Day program offers a great introduction to the concept of healing yourself from the inside out because it takes a holistic approach to remove knee pain. Start your journey here! Develop a deeper understanding of your body's needs and accurately identify when something is not working correctly. Trust me; you don't want to miss out on this! Follow 10 recordings over 10 days for a range of corrective exercises and insights to eliminate pain and regain your functional movement. Program Agenda: • Day 1 - Introduction • Day 1 - Getting up from the floor with knee pain • Day 2 - Kneecap mobility, technique with variations • Day 3 - Arthritis-friendly exercises • Day 4 - Stretching after a long journey • Day 5 - Corrective exercises for knee pain • Day 6 - Getting off the floor • Day 7 - Steroid injections and cortisone shots • Day 8 - Most knee pain injuries can be avoided • Day 9 - Avoid shin splints • Day 10 - Achy knees when it rains As part of the program, you can expect to answer some relevant questions that will help you focus on the techniques you try, enabling you to develop a self-reflecting capability, which is a crucial part of self-healing. Take part in the comfort of your own home, and feel free to reach out with any questions you may have. Renee Moten




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