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The Knee Pain Recipe + Corrective Exercises =

The Moten Method

Designed to produce extraordinary results in a short period of time

Dry Brushing
Renee Moten
Foot Massage

(a) We eliminate pain first

Joint Mobility

STEP ONE (The Knee Pain Recipe)

To eliminate pain, we start with a focus on your ankle mobility because it plays a crucial role in the overall function and health of your lower body and can often be neglected. This joint primarily affects the biomechanics of the lower body, leading to compensation in other joints, such as the back and hips, eventually resulting in knee pain.

Remove Toxins

STEP TWO (The Knee Pain Recipe)

The next stage is to improve our lymphatic circulation to remove waste and toxins from our system and improve the movement of nutrients to our cells. When the lymphatic system is blocked, it can no longer manage fluid build-up, which can cause swelling and pain. The Knee Pain Recipe uses a combination of techniques I have collated over the years to stimulate blood vessels, blood cells, and lymphatic cells, effectively removing this build-up and the associated pain.

Contrast Therapy

STEP THREE (The Knee Pain Recipe)

I will guide and coach you through a series of hot and cold treatments to reduce inflammation and speed up the road to recovery. All techniques can be performed in the comfort of your home with an easy-to-follow schedule to keep you on track.

(b) Strengthen the body last

Functional Fitness Movement Patterns
Strength and Stability
Yoga Strap

Movement Patterns

STEP FOUR (Corrective Exercises)

Learn and implement proper movement mechanics that reduce knee stress by activating the surrounding muscles, including the quadriceps, hamstrings, and glutes. Distributing weight and strain across the lower body more evenly reduces the risk of future knee pain and improves knee function.

Stretch/ Align

STEP FIVE (Corrective Exercises)

Learn how to stretch regularly without forcing the stretch too far. Muscle imbalances can contribute to the pain you are experiencing. To bring your body back to a state of alignment, we use a range of specially adapted stretches to help lengthen tight muscles and improve flexibility.

Strength and Stability


Now that we have removed the pain and worked towards aligning our bodies, it is time to focus on building strength so we can return to the life we dream of getting into full swing.

Denise's Trip to Portugal - Heal My Knees

I was able to walk over 60 miles on a six day walking trip abroad.

Hear the full story and more success stories

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