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Watch the video to learn what your score means.


Learn what plan of action is best for your unique knee challenges. Use this information to regain control of your knee health and overall wellness. 


Renee Moten

With an Assessment Score of: 

High Steppers

Assessment Score



Congratulations,  you are on the least painful end of the scale. 

To ensure you stay healthy and pain-free, it's important to focus on the cause of your knee pain. This means addressing any underlying issues that may be contributing to your knee pain, such as poor foot care, arthritis, scar tissue from surgery and poor body mechanics.

By taking a proactive approach to your health and wellness, you can continue to enjoy an active and fulfilling lifestyle while minimizing the risk of developing more serious knee problems down the line.

Exercise knee up.jpg


Based on the knee pain assessment results you provided, you seem to be experiencing mild knee pain when performing certain movements.


You are able to engage in physical activities such as hiking, biking, climbing stairs, exercising, and walking for miles without significant pain or discomfort. This is a positive indicator, and it is encouraging that you are able to maintain a good level of physical activity despite experiencing positional knee pain.

You are in a great position to prevent any future damage and will benefit from learning more about the root cause of your pain to eliminate it before it develops into a greater problem.

What Causes Your Knee Pain?

Usually it is poor flexibility, feet problems, using improper form during exercise or scar tissue development from surgery. Identifying what position causes the knee to hurt is the first order of business for the High Stepper.

Having knee pain for over six months can cause you to limp, which causes problems in the feet, back and hips. Correcting imbalances in the body can keep the High Stepper knee pain free.

Skeletal example of body alignment

YOUR ACTION PLAN - Create flexibility and muscles balance throughout the whole body

Part 1

Stretch before and after a activity

Part 2

Ankle, shin and feet flexibility

See video

  1. Ankle Circles

  2. Tennis Ball rolling

  3. Windshield wipers

  4. Stretching

Part 3

Needs a coach – Setup a 30-minute consult -

  1. Eliminate inflammation

  2. Reducing swelling

  3. Back, hip and shoulder pain reduction

Part 4

Need a coach and the support of a team to help with flexibility and strength

  1. Flexibility training

  2. Re-aligning the whole body

  3. Stability exercises

  4. Strengthening exercise


Listen to your knee when it hurts.  Identifying what caused the knee to hurt. Then proceed to correct muscle imbalances and poor body mechanics or seek the advice of a knee pain solution coach.

We highly recommend enrolling in "The Moten Method" (8-week program) to ensure that you maintain a high score. By doing so, you can continue to reach your full potential and receive unparalleled guidance and support to achieve your goals. The Moten Method program has a;

  • Support team

  • Personalized one-to-one coaching

  • Weekly accountability calls

  • Motivation from the team

  • Informative handouts and explainer videos

Let us help you to stay knee pain-free. Sign up for a complimentary consult.

Renee Moten

Introduction to
Knee Pain

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Heal My Knees Online Member

Judd K

"Renee Moten is a highly skilled trainer with a speciality in making older people improve balance, strength, and coordination - while losing extra pounds (if they eat properly).


She knows how to improve performance and well-being without risking injury to overly taxing a  body of my age.


I started working with her in my late 70's about two years after having both knees replaced. The results are obvious and I feel terrific.""

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