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Class Room Handouts (For 8 Week & 6 month clients)

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We have provided an invaluable resource for our clients' continued progress and well-being. 'Containing all the weekly handouts for future reference,' this exclusive compilation is a comprehensive guidebook tailored to individual needs. Each carefully curated handout encompasses the wealth of knowledge, exercises, and expert advice provided during the program. From targeted stretching routines and strengthening exercises to lifestyle tips and self-care strategies, our clients can access a treasure trove of information at their convenience. By preserving these handouts, we empower our clients to revisit and reinforce their learned techniques, promoting ongoing knee pain reduction and a higher quality of life. No longer will they feel alone in their journey; this resource is their trusted companion, reminding them of their progress and providing support when they need it most. We pride ourselves on fostering long-lasting relationships with our clients; this program extension is a testament to our commitment. Our handout collection ensures that the benefits of our fully-coached program extend far beyond its initial duration. It represents our dedication to their well-being!




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