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Mar 30, 2024 - May 11, 2024

8 Week Program Regain/Reclaim Knee Pain Freedom

  • 43Days
  • 4Steps


START YOUR HEALING JOURNEY TODAY! My Name is Renee Moten, my holistic program “8 Weeks to Regain your Mobility and Reclaim your Freedom” is live virtual. What can you expect at the end of the program? *Becoming energized joyful and enthusiastic about life *Eliminating 90% of your knee pain *Walking a long distance without knee pain *Returning to the sport you love *Climbing stairs with ease During this self-awareness 8-week program, you will focus on treating your whole body with tender loving care (TLC). The program will not only reduce your knee pain, it will also help with reducing hip, back and shoulder pain. The holistic methods used will give you energy, empowerment and above all, lift the limitations that knee pain imposes on your activities! The “8 Weeks to Regain your Mobility and Reclaim your Freedom” program includes: 1. Eight 2-hour live online group sessions 2. Incredible introductory videos for each week 3. Bonus therapeutic handouts 4. Outstanding instructional videos 5. Printable exercise program with a tracking sheet 6. Weekly PowerPoint presentations 7. Daily coaching calendar to keep you on track


2 Plans Available, From $97.00



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