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Finding Pain Relief vs Slowing Down Joint Deterioration: A Dual Approach to Conquering Osteoarthritis

Ladies! It’s time to start being proactive with your joint health so that you not only alleviate the pain you feel but also stop further damage to the knee joint.


Understanding Osteoarthritis: Moving Beyond Potions and Lotions

I want to talk directly to all the women out there who are struggling with osteoarthritis. I understand what you're going through because I was once in your shoes. I know how frustrating it is when the pain keeps coming back, no matter what you try.

 Have you ever searched for solutions?


You’ll find lots of websites that give you the names of the condition, and explain what has been affected internally, but it’s difficult to find an answer as to WHY this happened in the first place. Everyone, including doctors and physical therapists, seem to skip past this question, which used to puzzle me. I wasn’t satisfied with a diagnosis without the reasons that led to my Osteoarthritis so I spent 10 years researching the root cause myself.

That's me (Renee) wearing a knee sleeve and still trying to exercise

What is Osteoarthritis?

You’re probably aware that Osteoarthritis is a degenerative joint disease that affects millions of people worldwide. This condition gradually worsens over time as the cartilage in your joints breaks down. When this happens, it causes pain, and stiffness, and makes it harder to move around.


The Myth of a Cure

First things first, it's important to understand that osteoarthritis cannot be cured. I know many of us have tried various treatments to relieve the pain—everything from injections to special diets, fish oils, and even applying lettuce leaves to our knees. Yes, you heard that right, lettuce leaves! While some of these remedies might offer temporary relief, the pain always seems to return. 

But Wait, Ladies Do You Know There Is Another Solution?

The goal should be to stop merely managing the pain! The goal is to actively fight back against the condition and slow (even halt) its progression. 

The Real Solution: Body Alignment and Correcting Your Movement Patterns

The key to halting the progression of osteoarthritis lies in how your body is aligned and functions. Poor alignment and repetitive stress on your joints are major reasons for the wear and tear of cartilage. You need to start focusing on your internal structure and proper movement patterns to target the root of the problem rather than just masking the pain.


My Knee Pain Recipe: A Holistic Approach

I've been personally slowing down the progression of my own osteoarthritis for over a decade, and I want to share what has worked for me and my clients:


  1. Corrective Exercises: A range of tailored exercises that align the muscles around your knee, improving joint stability and alignment. These exercises target the imbalances and weaknesses that need fixing.

  2. Stretching: Regular stretching routines enhance flexibility and reduce tension in the muscles surrounding your knee, reducing the stress on the cartilage.

  3. Therapies for Inflammation: Adding therapies like hot and cold treatment sessions and manually removing the build-up of toxins to eliminate inflammation. These are key to reducing and managing osteoarthritis pain.

  4. Regular Monitoring: After implementing my Knee Pain Recipe, I recommend getting knee X-rays every six to eight years to monitor the condition. Over the past ten years, my osteoarthritis has not worsened, thanks to this approach. 


Join The Hundreds of Healed Women

I’ve guided hundreds of women through this holistic approach. These women are not only pain-free, but they have also stopped the progression of their osteoarthritis. They’ve returned to activities they love and gained a deeper understanding of their bodies because they gave up the temporary solutions and chose to actively work on maintaining their joint health.

Above we have the lovely Gayle, who at 65 years old had been through a life-altering car accident in her younger years which left her facing ongoing battles with her joints. As you can see from the pictures, she is back living her active lifestyle and defies the age stereotypes after completing The Knee Pain Recipe.

I’ve Been There and I’m Here to Help

Remember, you’re not alone in this journey. I’ve been exactly where you are, and I’ve come out the other side with a holistic approach that works. Today I urge you to move beyond just pain relief and find real, lasting relief with The Knee Pain Recipe just like Jennifer did. When she first contacted me, she could barely walk without pain and had to crawl up the stairs. I’m so glad that Jennifer tried The Knee Pain Recipe before resorting to drastic measures, just look at her go.

And please hear from Jennifer below, who experienced two severe ankle strains, each taking months to heal. Both incidents happened while stepping down from a stool, and left her unable to move around properly due to knee pain, but not anymore...

Living with osteoarthritis pain or living without the pain you now have a choice. If you want similar results as Jennifer, get in touch and schedule a time for us to have a chat.

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