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8-Weeks to Knee, Back, and Hip Pain Relief

  • 120Days
  • 10Steps


30-minute Consult is Required to Join This Master Class is a hands on guide to self healing of the mind, body and spirit. You have tried pills, shots, physical therapy and exercise, still, your joint pain exists. Now it’s time to take this journey with us into alternatives therapies which will be your first step into an extraordinary transformation. What can you expect at the end of the program? *Becoming energized joyful and enthusiastic about life *Walking a long distance without knee pain *Returning to the sport you love *Climbing stairs with ease During this self-awareness program, you will treat your whole body with tender loving care (TLC). The program will not only reduce your knee pain, but it will also help with lowering hip, back and shoulder pain. The alternative therapies will give you energy, empowerment and above all, lift the limitations that knee pain imposes on your activities! Master Class 1. 8 Weekly 75-minute live online group sessions 2. Introductory videos for each week 3. Bonus therapeutic handouts 4. Office hours weekly for accountability and questions 5. Printable exercise program with a tracking sheet This program is guaranteed to reduce your joint pain from 70 to 90%


2 Plans Available, From $797.00



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