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My Retirement Plans Didn't Include Knee Pain

Most women have big plans of travelling and doing things they never did after decades of working full-time, after sending all the kids to college and having them settled in their own lives. Isn't it such a heartbreaking feeling when all the post-retirement plans are waved goodbye only due to knee pain? Struggling and living with knee pain post-retirement was indeed something not planned. But what possibly could have gone wrong with your knees?

Remember that morning when you were just in your late 40s or so, you woke up and observed something was different; your knees were swollen or made a popping, crunching sound with movement. What did you do then? You ignored it, took a painkiller, did your daily chores, and forgot it the next day because you put everyone else first. This occasionally happened for a few years, and then the pain became regular. Still, you thought that you were getting old or maybe you were just tired and yet again ignored all that pain, until the day came when it was impossible to move without excruciating pain. Does this story sound familiar? You don’t have to have this pain; you can have healthy knees even if you are 70 years old.

Delayed knee care can cause injuries and restrict mobility.

Dear women struggling with knee pain, and ladies who just started showing the first signs of knee pain, it’s time we see the reality. The culprit behind all this old age knee pain is ignoring knee pain for a long time. This causes problems with mobility, weight gain, shoulder, back and hip pain, and in a few cases, even injury, which have been blamed on ageing.

The truth is that the more proactive we are with taking care of our knees, observing and taking action when the knee pain first appears, the more we increase our chances of having healthy knees.

Symptoms you should never ignore

Ideally, you shouldn't ignore any knee challenges. Pain in the knees while walking or climbing stairs, swelling in the knees and weakness or instability are the symptoms that need urgent attention with a holistic practitioner.

Where to seek help

Heal My Knees is a functional fitness knee pain relief program specially designed for women who suffer from knee pain at many different stages. The program is a six-step holistic solution that involves a perfect blend of exercises, massages, hydrotherapy, and exfoliation to heal your knees and keep them healthy, happy and functional.

So, if you want to be active in your retirement years just as you were in your youth, it is best to consult a Knee Pain Solution Coach who uses only holistic methods. It is best to seek help right from when the first symptoms appear, however for most it is never too late to get the right help for your knees. Remember that it only worsens if not treated correctly in a timely manner. Early treatment is the key.

Schedule a 15-minute consult to learn more about how to stop the pain progression of knee pain.

Renee Moten,

Knee Pain Solution Coach

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