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Knee Pain Sufferers Dread Laundry Day

Everyone dreads laundry day, but when you have knee arthritis pain, stiffness and fatigue, doing laundry is a whole other kind of impossible. So we ignore the pain, stiffness and fatigue because the laundry must get done.

Be honest: Who really enjoys doing laundry? It’s not the worst chore on the list but it’s generally not anyone’s idea of a good time. However, when you add in arthritis, meniscus tears and bone on bone to the mix, laundry day can go from annoying to downright dreadful. Pain, stiffness, reduced mobility, weakness and balance issues can all make each aspect of the laundry routine — from sorting socks or adding fabric softener — a challenge. The pain in your knees has a way of making the simplest daily tasks so much harder.

Ignoring knee pain is not the solution!!

So what is the solution?

Let’s start with the basics. The root cause of 90% of chronic knee pain can be found in the lack of range of motion in the feet, ankles and shins. This video will show you two stretches that are the most important stretches to start your journey toward reducing your knee pain while doing the laundry.

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