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Grocery Shopping With Knee Pain

Women are paying the price after grocery shopping!

Grocery shopping is one of those tasks essential to independent living, but it is easy to forget how complex an activity it is. Lifting items, bending to put items in the cart, pushing the filled cart, walking around the store, doing math to figure out the best deals, remembering where everything is located in the store so you don’t have to backtrack to get items, carrying everything from your car to your home, — the physical and mental effort required to grocery shop can be immense. Add in knee pain and it can feel like you just walked 10,000 steps, to the point where you may feel like you’ll never eat anything again that can’t be delivered.

Then there’s the emotional aspect.

Not being able to do the basic things to take care of your family, like shopping and running errands, can have you feeling like a failure. Having food delivered can be costly and not in your budget. You may even talk yourself out of going to the grocery store by vowing to eat what is in the freezer.

When knees are swollen and inflamed, daily tasks can take a lot longer to perform and cause more pain and swelling. An hour in the grocery store can mean spending the rest of the day in bed or at least with your feet and legs up, often in a lot of knee pain.

Sue actually loved to grocery shop, until her right knee became so painful and unstable that she wasn’t able to do this essential family duty. After fully participating in the Heal My Knee program, she is once again enjoying grocery shopping, no longer having knee pain and very stable.

I would like to invite you to my Facebook live series. I will show you stretches to ease up the pain after grocery shopping. Be sure to like the page so you can receive the schedule on each video. See you soon

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Unknown member
Feb 12

The discounts offered by Discount Grocery Online Store make it more affordable for me to stock up on the healthy foods I need to manage my knee pain and overall well-being. Thank you for offering this service.


Renee Moten
Renee Moten
Jul 12, 2022

You are welcome Diane it was a pleasure working with you.😘


It’s been a year since I attended the first of eight knee pain solution sessions, and I’m happy to report that daily knee pain is a thing of the past! It still feels like a miracle that I can continue to avoid double knee replacement surgery. Of course this did not happen by just staring at a computer screen for 8 Saturdays. I did the exercises and followed the processes that Renee teaches. Even now I have incorporated 15-20 minute of stretching into my daily schedule, and I stay on top of any inflammation or a sluggish lymphatic system. If I have a flare up, or overwork my knees, I use the techniques I learned to quickly get back t…

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