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Healing Hands - Pain to Performance

30 Minute Chat is Required for this service 3 Month Custom program w/ Master Knee Pain Navigator

  • 30 minutes
  • $97.00
  • Blvd Ansel

Service Description Does any of these sound like your current situation? * Frustrated at your current treatment. You know in your bones it’s time for a change, not sure where to turn. * You feel old because of your stiff knees. You just want to be you again. * Do not want surgery. It's time to turn the page and invest in holistic remedies for your knees. * Depress because your are experiencing weight gain (no judgement it happens to many women) * You're worried you loss your drive. You’re yearning to become active without pain. If you’re nodding your head “yes” to any of these Then you need specialize one on one care. Together, we can set in motion an advance strategy that will transform your body within weeks. Starting with 6 to 8 custom bodywork sessions Spa day Walks in the park Water Therapy Lymphatic Drainage Stretching - Full range of motion Reflexology Once your joints are healed you will join a 4 day a week exercise program that promotes weight loss and eating suggestions. This program offers a alternative therapies approach to joint pain that flows over into mind, body and spirit healing. After 2 months you will start to build an alternative therapies team for optimal healing. Collaboration, expertise and support to achieve total wellness is part of a guided process that has never been done before. Your life will never be the same after spending 3 months on this transformation journey. We will setup times a dates once we have a 30 minute chat on zoom.

Contact Details

  • 33 Monroe Street, Rockville, MD, USA


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