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Watch the video to learn what your score means.


Learn what plan of action is best for your unique knee challenges. Use this information to regain control of your knee health and overall wellness. 


Renee Moten Knee Pain Relief

With an Assessment Score of: 



Your goal is to reduce your knee pain assessment score and move into the Pacer profile.


Assessment Score


Walking up the stairs with knee pain


Based on your assessment results, it seems that you are experiencing significant knee pain, which could be impacting your ability to perform daily activities such as shopping, climbing stairs, doing laundry, and standing for long periods.


The knee is a weight-bearing joint; if it is not functioning properly, it can place undue stress on other joints and structures in the body, such as the hips and back.


This is why it is important to address the pain as soon as possible to prevent the development of additional problems.

Why do you stay in pain?

Having knee pain for over six months can cause you to limp which creates;

  • Low Back Pain

  • Hip Pain

  • Shoulder Pain

If the pain continues you can start to create corns, bunions, calluses and  need orthotics for foot pain. This will began to create an imbalance in the muscles.


Your body is out-of-balanc

Skeletal example of body alignment
YOUR ACTION PLAN - Heal the knee from the inside out and create balance within each muscle group
Creating flexibility in the shins, ankle and feet is the first order of business for the "Stroller"

Part 1

First Exercises – See video

  1. Ankle Circles

  2. Tennis Ball rolling

  3. Windshield wipers

  4. Stretching

Part 2

As a person with many pain issues it's important to have a consult before proceeding forward

We suggest a  - 30-minute consult -

Your next steps are to heal the knee before performing any types of exercises. To avoid knee replacement surgery these are the next steps. 

  1. Eliminate inflammation

  2. Reducing swelling

  3. Back, hip and shoulder pain reduction

Part 3

After your knee pain has been reduced exercise is your last part. 

  1. Flexibility training

  2. Re-aligning the whole body

  3. Stability exercises

  4. Strengthening exercise


The stroller needs lots of guidance. We suggest performing part 1 and then seek the guidance of the knee pain solution coach.

Renee Moten conquers knee pain

Introduction to
Knee Pain

10-Day Path to Stronger Knees

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10-Day Path to Stronger Knees

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Get ready to be amazed by the incredible information you are about to learn.

  • Should you wear a knee brace?

  • What are the best exercises to perform?

  • Do food and supplement heal your knees?

  • Get answers to why does my knee hurt when it rain?

Introduction to Heal My Knees Digital Collection
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Unlocking The Secrets to Knee Pain 

Everything you need to know about knee pain reduction.

  • Bunions, corn and calluses are symptoms of future knee pain

  •  Bone on bone is an alignment issue

  • Arthritis pain can be reduced

  • Get rid of inflammation without drugs

  • How to rebuild your confidence

There is so much incredible information inside of this eBook. 


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  • If you have pain and do not know where to start with healing

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Heal My Knees Client

Judd K

"Renee Moten is a highly skilled trainer with a speciality in making older people improve balance, strength, and coordination - while losing extra pounds (if they eat properly).


She knows how to improve performance and well-being without risking injury to overly taxing a  body of my age.


I started working with her in my late 70's about two years after having both knees replaced. The results are obvious and I feel terrific.""

Available to discuss your current pain level
- Renee Moten (Knee Pain Coach/ Massage Therapist)

10 Day Path To
Stronger Knees


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Fast Track to Pain Free
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